3D Objects

Over the years, I have been asked to frame some very strange things – a shark’s jawbone, the skin shed by a snake, a wooden figure of a fisherman, to mention just a few.  If you have something 3-dimensional to frame, don’t hesitate to come and discuss it with me, whether it’s a set of medals, an item of clothing, weapons, cutlery, ceramics, jewellery, or anything elseyou think would be better behind glass.


The example on the left is a “shadow” frame;  there is a gap between the mount and the board holding the forks.  The frame on the right (which I did 36 years ago!), uses an inner frame to hold the glass away from the panel.

There are various types of glass on the market, including some without reflective properties, which are especially suitable for object-framing.  If it’s important to you that the glass is invisible, please ask about it when you visit.

This image has a very dark background; with normal glass this would act like a mirror, reflecting everything. As you can see, the only reflections are from the gold on the frame; the glass used was an American product called “Image Perfect” – no longer available in the UK, but there is an equivalent from another US company, called Tru-Vue.