Welcome to Collier Framing, the framing service that began in 1975, and has set its sights on achieving the highest standards in framing ever since. You have access to hundreds of frames and mountboards, and a wealth of experience.

Don’t be daunted by the myriad of possibilities, I’ll talk you through all the steps you need to complement the picture and the surroundings; it’s how I’ve built my reputation. I will show you how to brighten or dull down chosen areas, bring out or push back chosen elements, and give the picture the right breathing space,  all to conservation standards. Your picture should look just as bright and fresh in half a century’s time, although I can’t guarantee your tastes won’t have changed!

Bring me your embroideries. oils on canvas or board, watercolours, photographs, etchings, pastels – I can tackle most things!  My only constraint is size – I don’t have the physical space to tackle really large frames, although I recently did one for the Laing which was over 5 feet by 8.5 feet. And I don’t do hand-gilding (yet). But snakeskins, antique woven book-covers, samplers, cutlery…..

If you would like to learn how to frame your own work, further details are only a phone call away.