Adrian Swales

Adrian was born in Hull in 1945, and between 1963 and 1967 attended both Hull and Brighton Art Colleges.  He taught art in Birmingham and Lincolnshire and has worked as an Art Therapist in Newcastle on Tyne.  In addition to his teaching, Adrian has experience in the restoration of oil paintings.

His work has been exhibited at:  Gas Street Galleries – Birmingham;  Burgh le Marsh Gallery in Lincolnshire;  LYC Gallery in Brampton;  Northgate Gallery – Newcastle on Tyne;  Gulbenkian Gallery – Newcastle on Tyne and Bede Gallery – Jarrow.  Adrian has participated in a number of joint shows at:  Laing Art Gallery and   Northumbrian Gallery – Newcastle on Tyne;  Prudhoe Castle and  Rothbury Gallery.

Through his experience as a restorer, Adrian can paint in many different styles, and is often commissioned by clients of Colliers.  His favourite subject matter is people – at work or at play, but he also specialises in impressionistic cityscapes, particularly the Quayside area of Newcastle.