Other Etchings

 Assorted etchings and original prints
Peter Burridge
Burridge: "Messaria", etching, 52 x 33.5cm, £250
Giorgio Ferrari
Giorgio Ferrari Fish 2: hand coloured etching,5cm circle, £21 mounted
Benjamin:Tablecloth with Oranges: etching, 10 x 12.5cm, £25
John Degnan
John Degnan: "Best Seats", woodcut 7.5 x 5cm, £20 mounted
J... S...: "Purple Grapes"; etching, 5 x 7cm, £15 mounted

Judy Macklin
Judy Macklin:" Woodland Stream", linocut, 7/16. 15 x 26cm, £30 mounted
Barbara Newcomb
Barbara Newcomb: Trees in a Field, etching £150
Giorgio Ferrari
Giorgio Ferrari Fish 1: hand-coloured etching, 5cm circle, £21 mounted
Arthur Byrne
Byrne: "Exhibition Park", (Newcastle), Hand-coloured stone litho, 53 x 35.5cm, £85
Jenny Tapping
Jenny Tapping "Quackers"; etching, hand-coloured. 6cm circle, £12
Loch Carron etching
Freddie Theys: Loch Carron, etching, 12 x 3.5cm, £15 mounted
Elephant etching
Signature illegible: etching, 4 x 4cm, £12.50 mounted
Giorgio Ferrari
Giorgio Ferrari Cat 2: hand-coloured etching, 3.5 x 5.5cm oval, £21 mounted
Giorgio Ferrari
Giorgio Ferrari Cat 1: hand-coloured etching, 3.5 x 5.5 cm oval, £21 mounted
Simon Bull
Simon Bull: "Thirlmere", etching,

Williamson Bell Little Owl
"Little Owl": Etching; 14 x 16cms, open edition, £75